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Мы отправляемся в путь, наша дорога лежит в сторону Киева.


Увеличиваем сохранность веса поросят, минимизируем энерго и трудо-затраты.

На Калиновской ферме был произведен ремонт родильного отделения с применением новейших технологий...

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Freedom Farm Bacon, LLC

Pig breeding

Pedigree piglets for sale

young meat

In 2008 Freedom Farm Bacon Limited Liability Company became a legal successor of Freedom Farm International Close Corporation in the field of livestock breeding. The breeding farm has been specializing in pig production for over 8 years. There established a swine breeding base, which allows to provide our own herd with repair young pigs and to sale pedigree piglets for farmers and agricultural enterprises in Ukraine and abroad.

We propose pedigree young pigs of leading pig breeds of Ukrainian and foreign selection for sale:  

  • Ukrainian big white pig breed;
  • English big white pig breed;
  • Red white-rumped pig breed;
  • Landrace of English selection.

Pedigree pigs were reared from highly productive breeding swine (sow, boar) that were grown in Ukraine and so are well acclimatized to specific local conditions.

young meat          

Pig rearing of different breeds is implemented in 4 breeding centers, among them are as follows:

  • Breeding plant in Tsiurupynsk District of Kherson Region (Ukraine);
  • Breeding plant in Kakhovka District of Kherson Region (Ukraine);
  • Breeding plant in Hornostaivka District of Kherson Region (Ukraine);
  • Breeding reproducer.beef

Total number of pedigree breeding pigs is more than 20,000 heads, including 1600 sows.

The main task in the pig breeding technology is the organizational management in the pedigree pigstry on the base of purebred hogs and sows in different variants of cross breeding and hybridization for the rearing of commercial young pigs with high reproductive qualities, such as: multiple pregnancy, milking of sows and safekeeping of piglets. We improved substantially the fattening quality of our hybrid pigs that reach the slaughter standards in shorter time period and at feed cost cutting per a kilogram of gain.

High quality pork wholesale

          If you buy pork in bulk by live weight, if you want to buy the pork of high quality and if you don’t know where to buy pork, we are ready to offer the high-grade pork that is produced in our breeding farms on the base of modern adequate balanced animal feed, in accordance with all age and gender-specific groups of the pigs on the efficient science-based technology of swine feeding. Annually the productivity of the livestock is increased and the unit cost is reduced due to the constant improvement of the pig keeping and the pig feeding technology, as well as improvement in the forage quality.

Our customers are farmers and farms in Ukraine. Proposals are accepted by telephone, the qualified consultations and answers to all questions can be received in online mode.